Filling device for rotary packing machine

The composition of the filling device of the rotary packing machine :
As shown in the figure, the packing device is mainly composed of a cylinder mounting seat, an air cylinder, a linear guide, a rear movable rod, a front movable rod and a packing bucket, etc. Its main function is to realize the feeding of the packing during the operation of the equipment.

The working process of the filling device of the rotary packing machine :
As the positioning and bearing part of the entire filling device, the cylinder mounting seat is also a positioning part for the installation of the cylinder. It has the advantages of good rigidity and high strength. Cylinder and linear guide rail are dynamic moving parts that ensure that the packing device can realize up and down linear movement. Its characteristics are: smooth movement and low resistance.

The rear movable rod is composed of a movable rod seat, a movable rod arm, a rib plate and an adjustment positioning plate. The movable rod arm is connected with the cylinder piston rod to transmit the linear movement of the cylinder, and the movable rod seat and the linear guide slider are fixed by bolts to ensure the movement The realization. The adjustment positioning plate and the positioning block of the front movable rod are connected by bolts, which can realize the fine adjustment of the height of the filling hopper during installation. The adoption of this structure is mainly convenient for the filling device to realize the filling of different sizes of packaging bags.

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