Failure analysis of the roll-plate aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine

As the main production equipment for pharmaceutical packaging, the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine will greatly reduce the production efficiency of pharmaceuticals and increase the overall production cost of pharmaceutical companies if various failures occur frequently during use. Therefore, this article takes the failure phenomenon of the roll-plate aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine in the production process as the research object, combines the characteristics, structural composition and mechanism of the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, and uses the PM analysis method to analyze the aluminum-plastic packaging machine Analyze and study the occurrence of the failure phenomenon, and clarify the main cause of the failure, so as to provide feasible design solutions and improvement methods for the next step to solve the failure.

Investigation of failure phenomena of aluminum-plastic packaging machine
Equipment failure refers to an event or phenomenon in which the equipment loses or reduces its specified functions. It is manifested as the loss of the original accuracy or performance of some parts of the equipment, which makes the equipment unable to operate normally, reduces the technical performance, and causes the equipment to be interrupted or the efficiency is reduced. affect production.
There are many ways to classify equipment faults, generally there are the following main types:

(1) According to the speed of failure development: sudden failure and gradual occurrence.
(2) According to the consequences of the failure: functional failure and parametric failure.
(3) According to the damage degree of the failure, it is divided into: allowable failure and non-allowable failure.
(4) According to technical reasons: abrasive failure, corrosive failure, and fracture failure.
(5) According to the frequency of equipment failure: occasional failure and repetitive failure.

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