Introduction to the performance characteristics of the rotary packing machine

1. Convenient operation, PLC control, with touch screen man-machine interface control system, convenient operation
2. Frequency conversion speed regulation, this machine uses frequency conversion speed regulation device, the speed can be adjusted at will within the specified range.
3. Automatic detection function. If the bag is not opened or the bag is incomplete, no material is added or heat sealed, the bag can be reused, and no material is wasted, saving production costs for users.
4. The safety device will give an alarm when the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe fails.
5. The horizontal bag-feeding mode of the automatic production of Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery is the rotary packing machine, the rotary packing machine  and the high-speed rotary packing machine. The bag storage device can store more packaging bags, and the quality of the bags is lower. High rate of dividing and loading bags
6. The width of the bag is adjusted by motor control. Press and hold the control button to adjust the width of each group of machine clips at the same time, which is convenient for operation and saves time.
7. Imported engineering plastic bearings are partly adopted, no need to add oil, which reduces the pollution of materials;
8. Use oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of production environment.

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