The working principle of the push-clamp device of the medicine plate of the automatic cartoning machine

1. Rack
2. Push hands (12)
3. Adjustment board
4. Pusher substrate
5. Adjustment board

1. Chain
2. Fixed angle iron
3. Sliding shaft
4. Stick
5. Slider
6, putter
7. Press the tablet
8. Fixed bar
9. Stick
10. Spring
11. Spring hook

ZHJ-200/260/400 Automatic High Speed Cartoning Machine

Automatic High Speed Cartoning Machine is intelligent, continuous automatic cartoning machine equipment, suitable for packing blisters, tubes, ampoules and other related objects into boxes. The highest speed can reach up to 370 cartons/min. It has advantages of high packing efficiency and good quality, and is hi-tech Product with structure of mechanical-electrical integration. This machine can fold leaflets, open cartons, insert blisters into cartons, emboss batch number and then close or seal automatically. It adopts frequency invertor to adjust speed, human machine interface to operate, PLC to control, and photoelectric detector to supervise and control each station so that once there is anything wrong with the machine, it will stop and display the troubles automatically so as to solve them in time. This machine can be used separately, or be linked with other machine to form a Production line. Note: this machine can also equip hot melt glue device to do hot melt glue sealing for box.

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