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The after-sales problem of the parts of the cartoning machine is very important
1. Replacement of parts of the cartoning machine
How do you make this conversion faster when you want to make another size package? Are your parts labeled and categorized by color? Are all the components used in one size the same color? Don't forget to color sort your parts. In addition, you have to think about how to store and place these components, let them be in place, and find them quickly when you find them.
2, spare parts for the cartoning machine
Once the actual situation permits, you should ask the supplier to provide a list of Critical Spare Parts and a List of Recommended Spare Parts. Let these spare parts be delivered with the machine so that if something goes wrong during the machine's startup, you can fix it quickly. You need to check the two lists to see what parts you have and what you can buy from local suppliers.
Buying a cartoning machine must look for a professional, experienced old factory, no matter in terms of technical level or after-sales.
Hualian Pharmaceutical has been developing cartoning machines for 30 years, and its products have a good reputation. We always look forward to working with you for a long-term relationship.

Recommended product of the cartoning machine production line: DPH-ZHJ400D high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and automatic cartoning machine linkage production line, automatic packing up to 400 per minute

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