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Skilled cartoning machine operator experience
Skilled cartoning machine operator experience

In the production process of the cartoning machine, if the device has an alarm stop, it is not necessary to look at the alarm data of the carton operation panel, but stand in front of the cartoning machine, and it can accurately and quickly determine which position it is by listening and watching. Fault alarm. For example, if there is no sound in the sudden stop, it may be that the “detection position has no partition” alarm. Manually place a partition and reset the drive. If the alarm stops, it will be accompanied by a “beep” sound. It can be judged that the suction cup does not catch the manual, and the treatment measure is to correct the instruction that is close to the suction cup; if the parking is caused by the “removal failure alarm”, take out the rejects from the box and take out the inventory. Quantity, reset and drive.

cartoning machine

Cartoning machine
In daily work, I am good at summing up and accumulating experience. He is based on the boxing position and has become a leader. Only by fully understanding the operating principle of the cartoning machine and mastering the operating status of the cartoning machine can such a precise judgment be made.