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Vacuum automatic pre-made bag rotary packing machine

Product model: HLGD
Product Name: Vacuum automatic pre-made bag rotary packing machine
pre-made bag rotary packing machine features: The bag-type automatic vacuum packaging machine is a new product independently developed by our factory. The machine can automatically take the bag from the bag with the robot, automatically open it, automatically print the production date and batch number, and automatically feed. Automatic vacuum packaging, fully realized unmanned operation, truly realize automatic packaging, the package range is long 100-240, width 70-200, packaging efficiency 2000-3000 bags per hour, by replacing different loading structure, you can Different materials are automatically packaged, such as: can be equipped with liquid and paste quantitative filling system, vacuum packaging of liquid and paste, with multi-head weighing, vacuum packaging of powder and bulk materials, with automatic feeding machine After that, the block material can be weighed and vacuum packed. The packaging machine is controlled by PLC, and the man-machine interface operation can monitor the whole machine. If there are abnormal conditions such as empty bags and no bags, the PLC can solve the abnormal situation. Make judgments, then output abnormal signals, and control the packaging machine to take corresponding measures to avoid wasting materials and packaging bags.
For the pre-made bag rotary packing machine configuration:
Packing capacity Package / hour 2000P / H
Bag size: (80-240) x (70-200) mm
Power 380V three-phase four-wire 3phae 380V 50HZ
Power 12.5
Compressed air pressure 0.6-0.8 flow 0.2 cubic meters / minute
Vacuum pump 500 l / h
Dimensions: 4700x3400x3700
Machine weight 1500

Sealing form Instant heat sealing

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