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Cartoning machine technology: introduction of cam mechanism design

Cartoning machine  The key to the design of the cam mechanism is the design of the cam profile curve, which determines whether the operation of the cam mechanism can reach the predetermined motion requirements." The basic principle of the traditional cam profile design It is the "reverse method", which mainly has graphic method and analytical method. The graphic method is simple and intuitive, but the drawing error is large, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the precision of the cam mechanism; the analytical law can deduct the equation of the cam profile curve, accurately Calculate the coordinate values of each point on the convex contour line. This method can obtain higher precision. However, once the motion law changes, the contour curve of the design cam needs to be re-introduced, resulting in a large workload and a long design period of '2~4. As a production enterprise, in order to put the product into the market faster, this paper proposes to use the SolidWorks Motion kinematics analysis software, combined with the actual production situation, according to the expected law of the slider movement, the cam of the automatic cartoning machine Designed and validated, shortening the development cycle and reducing production costs.