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Standard definition of fully automatic pre-made bag rotary packing machine
Automatic  pre-made bag rotary packing machine
A packaging machine that automatically completes a series of operations for bag taking, bag opening, metering, filling and sealing of pre-formed bags.
Bag taken ratio
The percentage of times the bag was successfully grabbed and the total number of times the bag was taken.
2, bag opened ratio
The percentage of bags that are qualified for opening the bag and the total number of bags opened.
3, bag damaged ratio
In the absence of filler material, the percentage of bags that can no longer be used due to mechanical reasons and the total number of bags used.
4, net quantity
The actual mass of the contents after removal of the packaging container and other packaging materials.
5, qualified package ratio

The percentage of the number of packages that are qualified for the bag shape, appearance, static pressure and drop test, and the total number of packages examined, under conditions where the net content deviation is acceptable.

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