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Pushing mechanism of automatic cartoning machine

The automatic cartoning machine push mechanism is a series cam link mechanism 5, which is composed of a cam mechanism and a link mechanism, and the purpose of the mechanism is mainly to basically package the materials (such as biscuits, etc.). ) Push the inside of the carton from the material conveyor belt to carry out the following processes such as folding the tongue and inserting the tongue. In the figure, the groove cam 1 is fixed on the transmission shaft, and the roller 2 at the 3-end end of the swing rod is embedded in the cam groove, and the groove cam 1 acts as a motive member to drive the swing rod 3 to reciprocate and swing, and at the same time, the swing rod is further-- The connecting rod 4 connected at the end is driven by the swinging rod to drive the pushing block 5 to reciprocate linearly in the horizontal direction, thereby realizing the action of pushing the material.

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