DPB-260/330Liquid Blister Packing Machine

Liquid Blister Packing Machine is applied to blister filling and sealing packing of melted fruit jam, chocolate, cream and other foods. Full process is automatic, from blister forming to liquid filling, composite film sealing and punching to final products, which greatly reduces labor costs.
Main configuration:

Adopt full set of Mitsubishi HMI, PLC and servo control system. With easier operation, higher precision and lower failure rate
Optical tracking system adopts imported three color sensor, which can sense all colors and transmit strong signal. Make sure to use color film, and make it align with the forming area of the bottom film.
Feeder adopts stainless steel 316, with jacket layer for heating function, and with removable piston for easy cleaning.
With safety cover made of food-grade 304/2B stainless steel and aluminum.
The pneumatic parts which is adopt original AirTac solenoid valves and cylinders.
Can equip with coding system

Main Technical Parameters:

Punch speed 10-25 times/min
Max. forming depth Standard 26mm,Maximum 50mm
Air pressure 0.6mpa-0.8mpa >0.3m3/min
Power 380V/220V 50Hz 6kw
Main motor power 1.5kw
Material types PVC, PET, PS, composite film,aluminium foil
Material width 260(330)mm
Mould cooling tap water or recycled water 60L/h
Overall dimension 2710×720×1600mm
Weight 2000kg

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