DPC-260/330Automatic coffee capsule packing machine

Automatic coffee capsule packing machine can make the coffee cup by heating the polypropylene sheet on and precise dragging it by the servo traction to the next station for feeding filter layer, filling coffee, powder, and feeding the second filter layer, sealing and punching. The final products will be outputted through conveyor belt.

Technical characters
Automatic capsule cup forming device, without having to purchase capsules.
The servo traction chain, canequip with photoelectric The servo filling coffee powder, accurate measurement
Main Technical Parameters

Punch Frequency 7-15  times/min    About 5 / times
Production capacity 3600 cups/h(By 5 / time, 12 times / min, the calculation)
Forming area 250×110(mm2)( max )
Traction stroke standard 20-125mm
Coffee capsule shape (According to user requirements)
Packing material PP hard film 0.45-0.9×250mm
Composite aluminum film 0.05-0.12×250mm
Reel aperture are 70-76mm
Heating Power Molding up and down heating : 3KW Heat sealing : 1.5KW
Total power 10 Kw
Air consumption >0.3m3/min  pressure 压力: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Mould cooling Tap water or recycle water  60L/h
Overall dimension 4100×670×1650(L×W×H)
Weight 2000kg
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