DPB-260/330Flat-plate Automatic Blister packing Machine ( Lathe guide rail type )

Flat-plate Automatic Blister packing Machine ( Lathe guide rail type ) is widely used for capsule, tablet, honey pills in pharmaceutical industry, for milk tablet, candy, chewing gum, jam and liqud chocolate in food industry, for injectonr, syringes, needles in medical industry, facial mask, eye pad in cosmetice industry, as all kind of shapes of ALU-ALU, ALU-plastic, paper-plastic combined sealing packing.
Technical characteristics:
Original machine tool rail cast seat, by tempering, aging treatment, high benchmark, no deformation.
The module box are used for processing equipment to ensure accuracy, interchangeability.
Forming, heat sealing, indentation and other components in the triangle bar, flat-bar on the rails to adjust the distance between vehicles, applicability. Compact and flexible than similar products, models shortened, saving installation space.
The use of parallel-axis helical gear reducer with the motor, to avoid the chain or belt drive loose or slip phenomenon. Adjustable travel, adapt to a wide range of simple, reliable operation.
Mold Shaw nail positioning, mold change convenient and accurate. Replace the mold can produce a wide range of plates, coupled with the liquid feeder can be sealed on the liquid packaging, a multi-purpose machine.
Up and down with concave and convex, multistage cylinder, double heat sealing, sealing effect.

Main technical parameters

Model DPB-260 DPB-330
Number of punches (times/min) 30-60 30-50
Production capacity (version/hour) 7200-12000(standard 80*57) 9000-1500(Standard 80×57 Standard 80×57)
Maximum molding area and depth (mm) Standard 250*160*26 can be customized to 250*200*50(cutting frequency<25times/min) Standard 310×260×26 can be customized to 310×200×50(Punching frequency<25times/min)
Standard travel range (mm) 20-170(longer stroke can be designed according to user requirements
Standard Section (mm) 80*57(can be designed according to user requirements
Compressed Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa; ≥12  m3/h (self-provided)
Total power of the power supply 380V/220V 50HZ 12KW
Main motor power (tens of millions) 1.5kw
PVC rigid sheet (mm) 0.15-0.5X260 0.15-0.5X320
PTP foil (mm) PTP 0.02-0.035x260 0.02-0.35X320
dialysis paper (mm) 50-100g/m2 x260 50-100g/m2 x320
Mold Cooling Tap or circulating water
Dimension (mm) 3350x650x1602 length can be customized 3350×820×1640 length can be customized
Whole weight (kg) 1600 1700
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