ZHJ-150/CT-180Automatic cartoning machine (horizontal intermittent)

ZHJ-150/CT-180 automatic cartoning machine is suitable for intermittent cartoning of medicine plates, hoses, ampoules and similar items. The maximum speed can reach 130 boxes/min. It can adapt to a wide range of box sizes and change varieties. Easy to adjust. It can automatically complete the folding of the manual, the opening of the carton, the boxing of the plate, the printing of the batch number, and the sealing. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, man-machine interface PLC control. Photoelectricity monitors the movement of each part, and if there is an abnormality during operation, it can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting. It can be used alone or connected with blister packaging machines and other equipment to form a production line. Original main drive rear design, easy to maintain power.

Main technical parameters

Model ZHJ-150B ZHJ-150H ZHJ-150 K CT-180
Productivity 100 boxes/min 130 boxes/min 90 boxes/min 130 boxes/min
Carton Size (58-190)×(25-97)×(15-60)mm (58-190)×(25-97)×(15-60)mm (70-240)×(80-139)×(20-80)mm (58-190)×(25-97)×(15-60)mm
Carton Quality 250-300g/m2 250-300g/m2 300-400g/m2 250-300g/m2
Instruction Size(L×W) (90-320)×(100-180)mm
(90-320)×(100-180)mm (110-320)×(100-180)mm (110-320)×(100-180)mm
Manual Quality 70g/m2
70g/m2 70g/m2 70g/m2
Air consumption 2 m3/h 2 m3/h 2 m3/h 2 m3/h
Main Power 380V 50HZ 1.5kw 380V 50HZ 3kw 380V 50HZ 3kw 380V 50HZ 3kw
Dimensions 3300×1150×1900mm 3400×1150×2000mm 3900×1350×1900mm 4100×1350×1900mm
Weight 1300kg 1800kg 2200kg 2400kg
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