DPB-420/520Flat-plate Soft(Hard)Plastic Blister Packing Machine


Flat-plate Soft(Hard) Plastic Blister Packing Machine is Widely used in paper-PE blister packing for medical Appliances(Such as syringe needle, injector, pledget)
It can continuously finish the full processing of heating in machine for PE film, Forming the blister, filling appliances, sealing, batch number printing. vertical and cross cutting and output the final product.
This machine adapts PLC controller, human-machine interface. servo motor system,photocell register system, and optional with On line Printing system.
Main Technical Parameter:

Package scope Suitable for package of many kinds of sensitive and anti-pollution materials, medical appratus and instruments Chinese and western medicine, electron, chemical products and foodstuff etc.
Capability 6-12 (times/minute)(1) Needles 40 Syringes/time
Package materials Paper-plastic, aluminum-plastic, plastic-plastic and other compoubd film suitable for sealing
(or the hard plastic less than 0.2mm), Width of the upper film is 400(500)mm and lower is 420(520)mm
Maximum inner dimensions

420:375×375×50mm 520:475×375×50mm(L×W×D)

If need More larger forming areas, can be design end in addition

Overall dimension 5400×980×1800mm(L×W×H) (can be designed as user's requirements)
Total Power 380V/220V 50Hz 16kw
Air Suppil 0.3m3/min  (Self-contained) pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Mould Cooling tap water or recyle water 60L/h
Weight 1700kg

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