BT-250/BT-400CCellophane paper(film)Box-type Tridimensional Packing Machine


Cellophane paper(film)Box-type Tridimensional Packing Machine is adopted with multifunction frequency inverter, PLC, programming controlling technology, automatically feed and count, human-machine interface touch screen. Equipped with micro air pump to make film falling off. It is applied to the outside deciration packing of square-shaped box-packaged things of such infustries as medicine, food, daily gunm, healthy products, tea-leaf. cubic sugar, condom, eraser, mosquito-repellent incense, cigarette, tape, VCD(CD)disk, poker, transparent soap square-shaped battery and floppy disk etc. It has the function of anti-moisture and anti-falsification, and also enhances the product level and additional value. It can combine the catoning machine and ink jet printing machine.

Main Technical Parameters:

Mode BT-250 BT-400C
Produstion Capacity 20-60(bags/min) 10-20(bags/min)
Packing dimensions (40-200)×(30-120)×(10-50)mm (100-300)×(50-200)×(20-80)mm
Power supply 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Motor Power 0.75Kw 0.75Kw
Electric heating 4Kw 4Kw
Overall Dimension 3200×850×1600mm 2250×1100×2000mm
Weight 1000kg 1000kg
Suitable area Single box or multi boxes (strip pack) Single box or multi boxes (strip pack)

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