BT-400CTransparent paper (film) box three - dimensional packaging machine


Transparent paper (film) box three - dimensional packaging machine uses multi-function digital frequency stepless speed regulation, PCL programming control technology, automatic feeding, automatic counting, touch display to achieve man-machine interface. Equipped with micro-air pump for air-falling film. Applicable to medicine, food, cosmetic, cosmetics, audio and video products, rubber, IT and other industries side of the packaging of the appearance of packaging. (CD) CD, playing cards, transparent soap, square battery, floppy disk, etc., play the role of anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, the use of anti-counterfeiting, And improve product quality, increase the value-added products. The machine can be used with cartoning machine, inkjet printer and other mechanical linkage production.

main technical parameters:

Model BT-400C type
Production capacity 10-20 bags / min (bags / min)
Packing size range (100-300) x (50-200) x (20-80) mm
power supply 220V 50Hz
Motor Power 0.75Kw
Electric heating 4Kw
Dimensions 2250 × 1100 × 2000mm
Weight 1000kg
Applicable scope Single or multi-box

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