GUK cartonac 2000-2Germany imported high-speed cartoning machine folding machine manual folding machine

Product features:
The setting time of CARTONAC 2000 folding machine is short, and the setting of the origami mode can be completed quickly by the electric adjustment of the origami comb, and the installation is convenient. After decades of practical testing, it offers reliable quality with a speed of 500 parts per minute, and is especially suitable for cartoning machine production lines. C2000 folding machine can be selected and adjusted according to the different requirements of customers. It is also suitable for different driving and transmission methods, with low wear, easy maintenance and easy upgrade. It is a high-speed manual folding machine of superior performance.

Technical parameters:

Folding device Paper width 215mm, 4 or 6 origami combs
Output Data 500 sheets/min (the length of the paper is 320mm longer)
200 sheets/min (the length of paper exceeds 600mm)
Format (optional) Small (W×L) 60*90mm
General (W×L) 160*320mm
Large (W×L) 215*600mm
Motivation Cartoning machine chain or serrated belt
Optional accessories Additional origami comb/all-round V2A protective cover/digital setting roller, etc.
Model: FA 21/4 CARTONAC 2000-2
FA 21/4-s2 CARTONAC 2000-2
FA 21/6 CARTONAC 2000-2
FA 21/6 CARTONAC 2000-2

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