HLGD6- 200/HLGD8- 200Liquid and sauce filling to rotary packing machine

To the host of the rotary packing machine + liquid filling machine

Applicable scope:

It is suitable for liquid, laundry detergent, hot pot bottom material, peanut butter, tomato sauce, hot sauce and hot oil mixture, etc.

Main technical parameters:

Model HLGD6-200/HLGD8-200 bag-feeding automatic rotary packing machine
Mechanical station Six stations/eight stations
Machine weight 1100Kg/1200Kg
Packing bag material Composite film, PE, PP, etc.
Bag type Stand-up bag, flat bag
Packing bag size HLGD8-200 W: 100 200mm L: 100-350mm HLGD6-300 W: 200-300mm L: 210-450mm
Packaging speed ≤60 bags/min (the speed is determined by the material itself and the filling weight
Voltage 380V three-phase 50HZ/60HZ
Total power 4KW
Compressed air consumption 0.6m3/min (provided by user)

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