HLGD-ZKJ-200Pickles and mustard tuber measuring vacuum rotary packing machine

Applicable scope:
It is suitable for mustard greens, pickles, shredded plum bamboo shoots, shredded kelp, pickled vegetables, mustard greens, and other dishes.
Work process:
The vacuum rotary packing machine can use a manipulator to automatically take out the vacuum packaging bag, automatically open it, automatically print the production date and batch number, automatic feeding, automatic vacuum packaging, completely realize unmanned operation, and truly realize automatic packaging.
Technical parameters:

Bag type Flat bag
Packing bag size W: 70-150mm L: 80-200mm
Packaging speed ≤60 bags/min
Total power 12.5kw
Compressed air consumption 0.6m3/min (provided by user)

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