DPB360J-ZHJ200Oral liquid(Ampoule)special blister packaging Machine And cartoning Machine automatic production line

Oral liquid(Ampoule)special blister packaging Machine And cartoning Machine  automatic production line is suitable for oral, ampoules blister packs and automatic cartoning. Automatic detection and rejection, automatic bottle robot, the robot automatically put straw, automatic high speed cartooning machine packs blisters and leaflets to cartons and emboss batching No. The entire process is automatically controlled to safe labor. The high automation and high purity also make machine more in line with GMP standard.

Flat-Plate blister Packing meets requirements for Various depth of medicine Packing. International brand grasping bottles is safe and reliable.
DPB-360J blister Packing machine is fast and convenient to change moulds
unique straw feeding device,designed specifically for the oral solution.
Upgraded production line With full safety cove r to enhance Safety.
Multi synchronous servo linkage to ensure stable operation.
Cantilever structure with Patent to accord more with GMP standard.

Main Technical Parameter(Blister packing machine)

Max capacity 100plates per minute
Packing material Standard PVC hard sheet:0.15-0.5×360
Average hole diameter of roll:70-76mm
Air consumption ≥0.5m3/h (Self-contained) pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Mould cooling tap water or recycle water 60L/h
Total power 10kw
Weight 3500kg
Overall dimension 12000×1500×1850(L×W×H)

Main Technical Parameter (Automatic cartoning machine)

Max capacity 200 boxes per minute
Carton size Max. 200×120×60mm
Leaflet size Min. 50×20×15mm(L×W)
Max. 260×180mm
Min. 115×100mm(L×W)
Air consumption ≥0.15m3/h (Self-contained) pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power 4.5kw
Weight 4000kg
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