HFB-60Automatic high-speed strapping machine

Overview :

      HCP-5 automatic packing machine is a new product developed by our company in combination with foreign technology. It can be connected to packing, three-dimensional, heat shrinking and other machines, and the back end can be directly connected to packing and palletizing , to achieve a complete rear package production line. The equipment adopts all-aluminum high-end advanced design, adopts imported electrical components, PLC, man-machine interface operation, and has functions such as automatic unpacking, automatic packing, and automatic sealing, which makes the operation process of the equipment more stable and convenient. Industry can use, the equipment meets GMP standards.

Main technical parameters:

Packing speed 30-60 packs/min, (depending on box size and palletizing method)
Packing size Maximum 250X 250X 300mm, minimum 50X 60 X 90mm
Package dimensions PE film (width 30-80mm, thickness 30-80mm)
power supply 220V/50HZ
total power 3KW
air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
weight 980KG
Delivery size 1800X296X840mm connection front-end cartoning machine
Host size 1900X 1000X 1850mm

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