DXH-300/400/500Fully automatic high-speed box loading machine

Technical FeaturesPoint:
This product is suitable for high-speed packaging of objects such as medicine plates and bottles, with a maximum speed of 500 boxes per minute. A mechatronics integrated product developed using advanced technology consists of feeding, folding instructions, unfolding medicine boxes, inserting instructions, marking batch numbers in paper boxes, sealing medicine boxes, and outputting finished products. It adopts integrated automatic control of machinery, electricity, light, and gas to achieve automated production of pharmaceutical packaging. Advanced detection methods are used in all operating links, and unqualified products are automatically removed to ensure a 100% qualified rate of finished products, Controlling human errors to the minimum effectively prevents quality degradation caused by contamination during the packaging process of drugs, ensures that the production process of drug packaging fully complies with GMP requirements, and significantly reduces production costs and labor intensity. The fully servo model adopts 12 sets of power servo and 6 sets of automatic adjustment servo, achieving high stable synchronous operation and convenient variety replacement with one click adjustment of size

Main technical parameters:

model DXH-500 DXH-400
Box loading speed 100-500 (box ctns/min) 100-400 (box ctns/min)
Paper box size (90-170)x (35-85)x (15-50)mm (90-170)x (35-85)X (15-50)mm
Specification size (100-320)x (100-210)mm (100-320)x (100-210)mm
Power Supply Servo version 380VAC, 50HZ 10KW Mechanical version 380VAC, 50HZ 5KW
Main motor power 4.5Kw 4.5Kw
pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa
Gas consumption ≥2m3/h ≥2m3/h
Overall dimensions 5300x1700x1750mm 5300x1700x1750mm
Overall weight 5500kg 5500kg
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