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The composition and process flow of the blister packaging machine & cartoning machine production line
The blister packaging production line is mainly composed of a blister packaging machine and a cartoning machine. According to different packaging materials, the blister packaging machine can be divided into aluminum plastic packaging machine and aluminum aluminum packaging machine; according to different sealing methods, it can be divided into two types: roller plate sealing box and flat plate sealing box. Among them, the roller plate sealing box is a continuous sealing box, which is suitable for a high speed machine; the flat plate sealing box is an intermittent sealing box, which is suitable for a non-high speed machine.
The blister packaging machine belongs to the inner packaging equipment. It should be placed in the D-class clean level area according to GMP requirements. The cartoning machine is an outsourced equipment and should be placed in the control area. There is no requirement for the cleanliness level. GMP (revised in 2010) requirements for internal packaging equipment are:
(1) Production equipment shall not have any adverse impact on the quality of the medicine. The surface of the production equipment in direct contact with the drug shall be smooth, smooth, easy to clean or disinfect, and resistant to corrosion. It shall not chemically react with the drug, adsorb the drug or release the substance into the drug.
(2) Lubricants, coolants, etc. used in the equipment shall not cause pollution to the medicine or container. The food grade or equivalent lubricant shall be used whenever possible.
(3) The design, selection, installation, modification and maintenance of the equipment must conform to the intended use. The risk of pollution, cross-contamination, confusion and errors should be minimized as much as possible. It is easy to operate, clean, maintain and disinfect or destroy if necessary. bacteria.
The inner and outer equipment are docked by conveyor belts or other means, but the conveyor belt must not pass through different cleanliness areas to prevent contamination of relatively clean areas.
      Taking the aluminum-plastic packaging and packaging production line as an example, the working process of the blister packaging machine is: PVC molding→Pill into blister→Photography detection→Aluminum foil film sealing box→punching→Unqualified kicking waste→Qualified transmission to the cartoning machine The working process of the cartoning machine is: empty box feeding and forming → manual folding → medicine board and manual into the box → sealing box → unqualified kicking waste → qualified discharging.

Oral liquid (ampoules) special blister packaging and automatic carton production line:

Oral liquid (ampoules) special blister packaging and automatic cartoning production line for pharmaceuticals, especially oral liquid, ampoule blister packaging and automatic cartoning. It can automatically detect the waste, the robot automatically adds the bottle, and the robot automatically puts the straw. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine puts the medicine board and the manual into the carton and seals the batch number. The whole process is fully automatic packaging, which can reduce the cost of labor on the site. The high automation and high cleanliness are more in line with GMP requirements.