Production process of tropical aluminum blister packaging machine

The production process of tropical aluminum blister packaging machine:
1. PVC blister hard film
2. Heating
3. Blister molding
4. Fill the contents
5. Heat-seal PTP aluminum foil (top) and tropical blister aluminum (bottom) with the rigid PVC blister sheet
6. Imprint product information
7. Pressure break line
8. Die cutting
9. Collect waste.

From the production process of the tropical aluminum blister packaging, it can be seen that after the filling process of the contents is completed, the tropical aluminum blister packaging needs to be heated at the same temperature and pressure through the PTP aluminum foil and the tropical blister aluminum. Heat-sealed with PVC blister hard sheet. In addition, in order to facilitate the cold-stamping of tropical blister aluminum to be firmly sealed with the hot-stamped PVC blister, the blister area should be designed to be slightly wider, which can effectively make up for the traditional aluminum-plastic blister. Cover packaging has poor water barrier, oxygen barrier, and light barrier properties.

After heat sealing, the surface of the tropical blister aluminum is relatively flat, and product information (such as manufacturer's logo, product name, etc.) can be imprinted on the surface through mold design to enhance the promotional effect of the product.

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