Blister packaging machine packaging process flow chart

Packaging process flow chart of pharmaceutical blister packaging machine

The equipment for blister packaging is a multifunctional packaging machine, and each packaging process is carried out in different stations. The packaging machine is provided with a film conveying mechanism, whose function is to convey the film and pass the above-mentioned stations to complete the blister packaging process. The conveying mechanisms used in various types of domestic blister packaging machine include sheave mechanism, cam-rocker mechanism, cam indexing mechanism, ratchet mechanism, etc., which can be selected according to the accuracy of the conveying position, acceleration curve and adaptability of packaging materials .

Hualian recommended pharmaceutical blister packaging production line:
Blister packaging and automatic cartoning production line for oral liquid (ampoules)

Oral liquid (ampoules) special blister packaging machine and automatic cartoning machine production line is suitable for blister packaging and automatic cartoning of medicines, especially oral liquids, ampoules. It can automatically detect and reject waste, the robot automatically adds bottles, and the robot automatically releases the straw. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine loads the medicine board and instructions into the carton and seals the box for batch number. The whole process is fully automatic packaging, which can achieve the purpose of reducing space and saving labor. High automation and cleanliness are more in line with GMP requirements. 【Click on the picture to view product details】

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