Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine heat sealing (rolling type and plate pressing type)

There are two types of heat sealing for aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine: roll type and plate type:
1. Rolling type
The material to be sealed is passed between two rotating rollers to continuously seal. However, the packaging material passes between the two rotating rollers and stays under pressure for a very short time. To obtain a qualified heat seal, the speed of the roller must be very slow or the packaging material must be fully preheated before passing through the heat sealing roller.
2. Plate pressure
When the material to be sealed reaches the sealing station, the heated heat-sealing plate and the lower template are in contact with the sealing surface, and they are pressed tightly together for welding, and then quickly leave to complete a heat-sealing process cycle. The heat-sealed package of the plate mold is relatively flat, and the pressure required for sealing is large.

The surface of the heat-sealing plate (roll) is made into a dot or net-like texture by chemical milling or mechanical rolling to improve the sealing strength and the appearance quality of the packaged product. But the more important point is that it stretches the material of the heat-sealed part during sealing to eliminate shrinkage wrinkles. It should be noted to prevent the film from puncturing during the heat sealing process.

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