The working process of aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

The working process of the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is that the PVC plastic sheets placed on the PVC support are drawn out by the PVC discharging device, transported to the heating device for heating at the speed set by the feeding device, and then entered into the forming device, using compression. The air is subjected to positive pressure molding, and the blister that conforms to the shape of the packaged drug is blown out. Then, after cooling with water, it enters the drug filling device for automatic filling of the drug. After filling, the photoelectric sensor is used to detect the missing piece. The PVC foam cell sheet filled with medicine is transported by the feeding device to the hot-pressing sealing station, and is dragged and moved forward by the continuously rotating driving roller with a hole pattern similar to that of the forming mold on the surface. The anilox hot-pressing roller uses temperature and pressure to heat-press the PVC plastic sheet and aluminum foil (covering material) pressed on the driving roller. Driven by the feeding roller after heat sealing the PVC foam pocket sheet and the aluminum foil, it runs intermittently at high speed, and passes through the batch number printing device, the breaking line device and the plate punching device in sequence to complete the batch number printing, the breaking line and the Die cutting finished plates, etc. After completing the above process, the finished PVC plate is transported by conveyor to the next station to prepare for the completion of the entire packaging process. That is to say, the process of conveying, heating, blister forming, filling materials, hot-pressing sealing, printing, batch number printing, breaking line, punching, etc. of PVC plastic sheets is completed on the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine.

DPH-270DLHigh-speed Tropical Aluminum Blister Packing Machine

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